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If you're looking for ultimate relaxation and a healthier you - you've come to the right place. I specialize in therapeutic massage, but I also do spa services. I am committed to your comfort and satisfaction, and it is my goal to bring you the best service at an affordable price. I want to help you achieve your health goals in the amount of time you set! Your massage with me is all about you, so what are you waiting for? Call today! This is your time to rediscover your health.

You may be asking what massage is. Massage is best described as an outcome based treatment used to address conditions that have been diagnosed by a healthcare professional. Massage is a scientific art of assessment and manipulation of the body to assist an individual in achieving their health goals. Massage is known best for its relaxation and stress management benefits, as well as its pain management and mobility functions. Massage is not an exact science, and is best used on a consistent basis, as the benefits of massage are cumulative. 


Choose from a variety of services:
1. Relaxation/stress management (Swedish)
30 min. $35, 60 min $45, 90 min $65

2. Pain and mobility control (Deep tissue)
30 min $40, 60 min $55, 90 min $75

3. Back, Neck, Shoulders
40 min $45

4. Lymphatic Drain (fluid retention)
40 min $45

5. Maternity Massage
60 min $60

6. Infant/toddler massage
25 min $35

7. Abdominal Massage
30 min $40

8. Chair Massage
$1 a minute

9. Cranial Sacral
90 min $70

10. Sinus Relief
15 min $20, 30 min $30

11. Dry Brushing ~ 
1 hr. $65


1. Foot Soak ~ $20

2. Reflexology ~$45

3. Foot or Hand Mask ~ $20

4. Paraffin Dip ~ $15

5. Sugar Scrub ~ $15

6. Salt Scrub ~ $20

7. Sports tape ~ $10 per area (up to 3 pieces of tape per area)

8. Cupping ~ $20

Not sure which treatment is right for you? I can assess your needs and help you choose!
Contact me today! 810-845-4201
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